A Pressing Problem

The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in a dramatic, global shortage of PAPR devices used to protect health care workers during potentially risky aerosol generating procedures. Protecting front-line health care workers is critical to continuity of care for the public.

An Open Solution

A team of UC Berkeley engineers and UCSF doctors formed organically to respond to this critical shortage. The team has produced a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) design that is undergoing clinical, safety, and usability testing.

The OpenPAPR design will soon begin the certification process. The design will be freely available and can be replicated worldwide.

A Vision Forward

Building on today’s point solution, we envision that others will join this movement to help in the global fight against Covid-19. Together, we can build an ecosystem of interchangeable components that can be used to field working systems by adapting and innovating on whatever is available. This approach promises greater resilience to supply chain disruptions, surging demands, and varying needs. Ultimately, these designs can be replicated across the globe, bringing critical technology to the front lines of this fight, wherever they may unfold.

How You Can Contribute

Building on this project’s founding team, seed funding, and growing momentum, we’re now seeking additional capital, volunteer effort, and manufacturing partners to drive this movement forward and deliver for our health care workers. Please join us!